Koskinidis Packaging Supports “The Smile of the Child” Organization

28 May 2021

“The Smile of the Child” was created in 1995 by Andreas Yannopoulos, who was then 10 years old and sadly passed shortly after. In his last days he expressed the wish to found an organization that will ensure all children have love, affection, care and respect.
The dream of 10-year-old Andreas came true and today the “The Smile of the Child” organization actively protects children from any form of violence, seeks missing children, supports children with health problems, as well as children living in poverty. In the past 23 years of action “The Smile of the Child” has supported more than 1.480.000 children and their families.

Koskinidis Packaging is conscious and pro-active on key concepts such as quality of life, human dignity, equal opportunities and respect for fellow human beings and is especially sensitive to all matters relating to children. The company’s aim, through its presence and initiatives, is to support various organizations that actually do good. To this end, this year, Koskinidis Packaging supports the “The Smile of the Child” organization by donating 4000 boxes for the children’s traditional Easter candles. May these children’s candles warm all our hearts.