in packaging
since 1922.


If you can
imagine it,
we can
manufacture it!


Packaging is not
just a product’s container.
It’s a preview
of its value.


way ahead
of its time.

We operate

with respect

By following strict specificatons and constantly double-checking production, we make sure that all expectations are met and all final products are both suitable and of top quality. We never miss our deadlines or fail to complete a task, respecting each agreement fully.

We listen

to you and improve ourselves

In order to keep you and the end customer happy, we are focusing on constantly upgrading our services according to your feedback. We are good listeners and always invest in building dynamic relationships with you, our colleagues, our partners, our customers and the end consumers.

We organize

the future

We care for what comes next and can’t help it but invest in the on-going education and training of our people, aiming to cultivate an over-all quality consciousness, spreading from expertise and compliance with specifications & agreements to our strict hygiene and care for the environment.

Our company

We don’t sell products. We build brands, we build human relationships.

Good products deserve good packaging.
And what is more interesting is that good packaging can only contain
a good product thus packaging is not just a “wrapper”;
It’s a promise of quality. It’s the most reliable tool of contemporary brand building.
Contact us today to explore the solutions that are right for you.
We are confident that we can do a lot for you and your brand.

Our Products

Considering each project as unique is a project on its own.


Our clients

We are professionals but also opt for business relations that resemble a friendship.

Each relationship is dynamic and demands interaction putting itself to the test throughout the years.
We are proud of our long-lasting partnerships
with the biggest Greek and international companies.