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Each one of us is important, but combining forces adds extra value to each individual effort.

For a business as big and as automated as ours, putting human relations first should normally be a challenge. Well, not for us. It’s all a matter of decision, tradition and practice.

We’ve built our team on merit, based on strict criteria and we are constantly updatind our people’s skills, through continuous information and education programs on new technologies in the packaging sector. Our continuous presence to major domestic and international exhibitions related to our subject help us stay on top of things. Each of the 145 employees of our company is able and responsible to provide full support, from the most basic to the most complex work.

Having started from scratch and leading a healthy Greek company, often under the most controversial circumstances, you can’t help but know firsthand the link between hard work and dignity. There are no secrets of success. Only people who make things happen.

“I’m Stylianos Koskinidis, CEO & president of our company and always present in the heart of production, exactly like when I first started. Without special education or any other resources back then, when my only tool was a vision for high quality, excellence in service, innovation, flexibility and competitive prices. It’s a pleasure to lead the market but I prefer to keep thinking that we are just starting. Being at the top asks for modesty.”

There is a difference between value and added value, and we are not just a company; We are a team. We are proud of our people and of the way we bond with our co-workers, our partners, our clients and the end customer.