We are practical and
result oriented.

From our first handshake to our after sales service we offer a complete service that puts you in the center of attention following well-thought steps to meet your standards and keep the end customer happy. We work hard to gain your trust, leaving no room for bad surprises.

Meet us today and see everything we promise come to life enjoying a mix of complete service (by multiple departments such as sales, quality assurance, research & development, marketing and design). Being well organized is a key step to success thus it saves time, puts things in perspective and builds strong & long-lasting relationships.

The first contact

We talk and arrange a first meeting. We suggest that you visit us where it all takes place, at our factory.

The conversation

We analyze and study your brief both right on the spot and after our meeting and then propose alternative solutions based on prior experience, co-decide the amount of services needed for you (e.g. design) – and arrange our next meeting.

The frame

We share our plan, the costs, our fees and all the deadlines and make an agreement.

The ideas

We present a mock-up of the final product, we finalize the end product according to your feedback and end up with a prototype.

The production

We proceed to production and implement any additional services that you have asked for prior to production.

The after sales service

You are in the center of our attention even after production. Ask for some of our cutting edge services such as Repackaging, Handling Stock and many more.