Our awarded corporate Christmas 2015 gift – a post-it & pen carton holder

29 Mar 2016

By the end of 2015 our firm has accomplished completing various important internal and external projects that brought change. For yet another year, our clients and our suppliers were the ones that kept this company strong and we wanted to share the gratitude.

To say a warm thank you to all we agreed that we should create a corporate gift that incorporated important values of our business such as practicality and design with a personal bespoke touch. All departments collaborated for this project with extra care and it ended up being a fun and bonding process. Our marketing department suggested that we created something impressive but yet of everyday use and our industrial design department designed a quite original and practical post-it & pen holder, made of carton. The construction was quite challenging, extremely demanding and therefore highly inventive. The ergonomical design made of two boxes reclaimed and combined three geometry shapes; a cube, a trapezoid and a rectangle in a way that made it possible for the cube part to rotate. Our graphic design department worked hard on the details to make this gift an eye candy. The final outcome was original, practical, beautiful and prestigious (incorporating various smart details such as a classy opening with our logo, a secret magnet to make the box really user friendly and durable) and showed off our versatility and expertise with UV printing and special visual effects on demanding materials and surfaces (such as metallize). Overall, this gift box was elected so that we say thank you to our people and also represent ourselves as the leaders of our field, as the company that has the know-how to offer 360° solutions and is not afraid to accept the most demanding of challenges.

Last but not least, in order to respect our values and have the smallest eco footprint possible, we used 100% recyclable materials made of 95% recycled materials. This is considered an extremely high positive percentage, especially for such a demanding project.

We are really proud for this project and were honored to receive the Bronze Award in the Non Food / Gifts category at the first Packaging Innovation Awards 2016 of Boussias Communications.