No rocket science. Our journey from steps to leaps is a result of ethics, hard work and our DNA.

Our story, our philosophy and our vision to be amongst the leaders of the packaging industry in Europe keep us restless and inventive. When you aim higher and higher, leadership comes natural.

«From the day my father Sylianos Koskinidis started his small industry back in 1922, till the involvement of the 3d Koskinidis generation today, our progress has been steadfast and impressive, decade after decade. Our forward thinking is a matter of concistency, a matter of DNA. Also, when everybody honors you, giving you credit for establishing the industry of packaging and lithography in Greece, your responsibility is huge thus practically the next decade is already here.»

Sylianos Koskinidis,
CEO and President.

We can’t hide how competitive and openly obsessed we are with top quality, impeccable one-on-one service, high-end technology, expertise, novelty, constant upgrades and putting our clients first. The human factor is of major importance.