Supporting Sports

11 Sep 2018

Situated at an altitude of 900 meters and surrounded by the lush forested mountains of Evrytania is the Karpenisi Sports Training Center, which hosted the Karpenisi Summer Boca Cup, a three-day tournament organized by Boca Sport, on June 16-18, 2018. As is the case every year, the tournament featured four age categories and saw the participation of P.A.O. Rouf, P.A.E. Panaitolikos, Aigaleo, Olympiakos Tavros School of Football, Aittitos Spata, Aris Holargou, Vierinha Academy, Aristeas Argos, Eleftheroupoli, Aias Tavros, Ellas Velos, Karpenisi Football Academy, and PAOK Karpenisi.

Koskinidis Packaging was more than just a fan at this year’s tournament. The company showed its support for the 80 young athletes and the coaches of P.A.O. Rouf by sponsoring their away kits. And it didn’t stop at that. Koskinidis Packaging also provided identical swimsuits for the children, to allow them to make the most of their rest and recreation time, relax and have some fun at the swimming pool of Avaris Hotel where they were staying.

The management and children of P.A.O. Rouf expressed their gratitude to Koskinidis Packaging’s management and the team’s VP, Dimitris Kritikos, for their valuable contribution. Kritikos stated that: “Everything is in place for us to share another fantastic experience and give a notable performance in enchanting Karpenisi, befitting of a club as significant as P.A.O. Rouf.”