Looking Ahead – Investing in the Future

02 Jul 2018

Committed to delivering the highest at every step of the way, Koskinidis Packaging has recently completed a total overhaul of its main production facility in Tavros, Athens.

The project, which began in the summer of 2017 and was completed in February 2018, included the renovation of the factory floor, production units, offices and auxiliary areas inside and outside the main building, to ensure that the entire facility is fully ISO compliant (ISO 22000/2005).

In the context of this renovation project, various areas were re-designed from the ground up, and the facility underwent a number of energy upgrades, including new aluminum window frames and new climate control and ventilation systems that were installed to ensure optimum temperature and humidity levels throughout the factory.


The upgrade allows Koskinidis Packaging to further improve the products and services offered to our clients, and to improve the everyday experience of the company’s numerous employees. The renovation project underlines the company’s commitment to embracing innovation, investing in versatility and moving boldly into the future.