Message from Koskinidis Packaging President Regarding the Spread of the Coronavirus

Message from Koskinidis Packaging President Regarding the Spread of the Coronavirus

1 Dec 2020

We are well into the third week of the second lockdown in Greece, aimed at battling the further spread of the novel coronavirus in the country. The President of Koskinidis Packaging, Martha Koskinidou, wishes to extend the following message to the staff, as well as all associates and friends of the company.

"We are all experiencing an unprecedented situation. The measures announced by the Greek Government alone are not enough to ensure we all stay healthy and prevent the tragic effects of the pandemic. Responsibility and solidarity are paramount in order to deal with this critical situation.

On behalf of the management of Koskinidis Packaging, I would like to assure you that we constantly review our strategy as unfortunately more and more of our fellow citizens fall ill, according to the directions of the Ministry of Health, the scientific community and the World Health Organization. We are closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds in Greece, Europe and around the world. Demonstrating fast reflexes, the company has come to an agreement with a large private diagnostics laboratory for testing. In the event of symptoms consistent with the clinical picture of COVID-19, Koskinidis Packaging will cover the cost of the COVID-19 test for each employee who wishes to be examined.

In addition to the measures we have already taken that include the disinfection and disinfestation, as well as the preventive spraying for COVID-19 at the company's facilities in Tavros and Moschato, I would like to emphasize that it is an absolute priority of the company to comply with the following to ensure uninterrupted production, as well as the good health of our employees and partners.

  1. Universal use of reusable face masks supplied by Koskinidis Packaging
  2. Daily disinfection of surfaces in all public areas
  3. Frequent use of antiseptics available in all offices and production areas for employees and at the entrance of the company with mandatory use by visitors
  4. Strict observance of personal hygiene rules
  5. Teleworking where physical presence is not required
  6. Mandatory 15-day isolation for all employees that exhibit COVID-19 related symptoms

I must once again express my warm thanks to the staff of Koskinidis Packaging who is standing strong with responsibility and empathy despite the difficult circumstances. I am optimistic that as we demonstrated last Spring, we will once again persevere with determination and patience."