The Greek Business World Honors the Memory of Stelios Koskinidis

The Greek Business World Honors the Memory of Stelios Koskinidis

23 Sep 2019


A tribute on Koskinidis Packaging’s late founder, Stylianos “Stelios” S. Koskinidis, was published in Plant* magazine’s July-August 2019 issue. Plant’s editorial team honored Stelios Koskinidis, a key figure in the country’s packaging industry, with a full-page tribute dedicated to his life and professional accomplishments.
The article begins with a brief reference to Stelios Koskinidis’ roots, his father, who passed away when Stelios was still an infant, and his mother, a strong woman who took charge of the little manufacturing business that would later become the foundation of Koskinidis Packaging. “With an obvious gift for business, and with a restless entrepreneurial spirit, he progressed quickly and, during his teens, worked with determination and passion for the job. He achieved to be taken seriously before even coming of age,” the editor writes of Stelios Koskinidis.

The article goes on to recount Koskinidis’ early years as a businessman, his growing young family, and his first ventures. “His success in the packaging industry was the natural culmination of a decades-long journey. Through strong partnerships with major companies, Stelios Koskinidis continuously invested in upgrading machinery and equipment and expanding the factory in order to meet the ever-growing number of orders.”

There follows a detailed review of the remarkable company, which has been reborn since 1922 and which continues to develop and grow, becoming one of the best-known and most robust in the industry today, with a solid client list that includes major Greek and multinational companies.

The article closes with a nod to the legacy of Stelios Koskinidis, who passed away unexpectedly on January 27, 2019, at the age of 74. “He was a driven businessman who respected his colleagues and the industry. He was also a dedicated family man who, despite long working hours, stood by his family. Most of all, he was a man of principles and ideals who leaves behind a remarkable accomplishment and a tremendous legacy. Stelios’ daughters, Martha and Tania, will continue to eagerly pursue the top, and the company will stay one step ahead of the competition, shaping market trends and fully meeting consumer needs.”


*Plant magazine has been in print for 35 years and now also publishes a weekly e-newsletter. It is a industry-specific trade news magazine that covers a broad range of topics including energy, the environment, and industrial production, as well as health and safety, facility management, automation, logistics, industrial software, maintenance, packaging, and waste and recycling.

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