Koskinidis Packaging Shines at 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards

Koskinidis Packaging Shines at 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards

13 Sep 2019

The 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards were held on Thursday, June 20, 2019, at gazARTE in Athens, celebrating and awarding innovative packaging that stood out for its cutting-edge design and high usability. The fabulous event, set against the backdrop of night-time Athens with the Acropolis lit up against the night sky, was attended by over 200 executives and representatives of product manufacturing and distribution companies, materials and packaging manufacturers, packaging and display stand printing companies, creative agencies, and designers. The Awards—which aim to showcase the industry’s best and brightest, promote friendly competition between participants, and enhance the overall quality of packaging products—were organized by three Boussias Communications magazines—Marketing Week, Plant, and Self Service—in cooperation with the Association of Greek Manufacturers of Packaging and Materials (AGMPM). They were hosted by journalist Petros Koublis. The chair and members of the judging panel, as well as the representatives of the various organizations and professional associations that supported the event, greeted the industry’s best and brightest and presented awards for innovation, design, materials, technology, and production process across a broad range of businesses.

Koskinidis Packaging once again shone in the Gifts category, winning the Silver Award for its 2018 corporate gift, scoring yet another small victory in the company’s long and successful history. With just a few days to go before the end of 2018, Koskinidis Packaging created a striking, discreetly luxurious self-closing and gold-colored box, with its exterior decorated with a festive star and the company’s logo. The box opened to reveal three identically-sized boxes in three colors—black, orange and white—constructed from metalized material. UV inks were used for printing (gold, as well as the company’s colors, black and orange) and UV gloss to add sheen. The star and logo were embossed, while matt varnish was used for the three inner boxes to achieve maximum contrast with the bright external packaging.

Koskinidis Packaging’s 2018 corporate gift was dedicated to the company’s late founder, Stylianos “Stelios” S. Koskinidis, as described in the impressive accompanying video*. With a pencil and a dream, but also with great passion, dedication, and effort, Stelios Koskinidis transformed the small business that his father had founded in 1922. Its growth was rapid, and its reputation spread like wildfire. The flame of Stelios Koskinidis continues to burn bright, and this distinction is rightfully his.