PAO Rouf Awards Koskinidis Packaging

PAO Rouf Awards Koskinidis Packaging

24 Apr 2019

PAO Rouf football club held its traditional Vassilopita cutting ceremony at the beginning of the new year at the events hall of the Serafio Complex. In Greece the cutting and sharing of the Vassilopita, a New Year’s cake, is the traditional manner to greet the New Year.

The ceremony was attended by PAO Rouf players, as well as footballers of all ages from across the club’s academies and distinguished politicians including Kostas Bakoyannis, Giorgos Patoulis, Vassilis Kikilias, and Vaggelis Xideas.


The Vassilopita cutting ceremony was led by PAO Rouf’s Vice President, Dimitris Kritikos, the Director of the club’s academies, Antonis Kousouridis, and Apostolis Karampas. The three then presented a video showcasing Rouf’s history and the club’s academies. This was followed by an honorary awards ceremony in which Koskinidis Packaging, a top sponsor of PAO Rouf and its academies, was among those honored.

Stylianos S. Koskinidis was presented with an honorary plaque for the company’s valuable support of the club’s work. Through its generous and ongoing contribution to providing gear and equipment to the club’s 350 youths, Koskinidis Packaging demonstrates its support for sport and for PAO Rouf’s work for the community.

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